DITO is down 70% this year, how could it possibly be considered for inclusion into the PSEi?

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Merkado Barkada January 13, 2022 | 8:31am I’ve received several inquiries about the upcoming review of the PSE index (PSEi). There’s a report making the rounds that predicts that __Monde Nissin [MONDE 15.90 1.40%]__,__ Emperador [EMP 19.68 0.61%]__ will be included, and that __Bloomberry [BLOOM 6.50 0.15%]__ and __Robinsons Retail Holdings [RRHI 56.90 2.98%] __will be excluded, but there’s also a rumor circulating that __DITO CME [DITO 5.37 9.15%]__, the indirect majority owner of Dennis Uy’s Dito Telecommunity, could make the cut as well. Many readers reached out for my r…

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