‘Nope’ star Daniel Kaluuya loved reuniting with Jordan Peele for another horror movie: ‘We just got back in step very quickly’

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New York Daily News

Starring in “Nope” was an easy yes for Daniel Kaluuya. The Oscar-winning actor was excited to team up again with director Jordan Peele in the freaky new thriller after their first movie together, 2017′s race satire “Get Out,” proved to be his breakthrough role. “We just got back in step very quickly,” Kaluuya told the Daily News. “We mentioned [reuniting] on ‘Get Out.’ We did have a conversation about it,” Kaluuya said. “It was like, ‘Yo, I really enjoyed this experience, if you’ve got anything.’ And we spoke after ‘Get Out’ came out and said, ‘Yo, let’s keep building.’ When it just came out, …

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