SPNEC proposed asset-for-shares swap sparks intense opinions at both extremes of the “Good/Bad” continuum

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Philippine Star

Merkado Barkada January 12, 2022 | 8:30am Not since the days of Duterte’s attacks against __Manila Water [MWC 24.95 0.81%]__ has my inbox been filled with so many polarized, intense opinions about a stock market development. When MB readers heard that Leandro Leviste is pursuing a plan to 5x Solar Philippines Nueva Ecija Corp‘s__ [SPNEC 1.33 3.10%]__authorized capital to enable SPNEC to purchase assets from its parent company, Solar Philippines (SP, which is also owned by Mr. Leviste), less than a month after SPNEC’s IPO, well, reader opinions were fast and often kind of furious. …

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