WAEC 2021 Christian Religious Studies CRS Question And Answer

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WAEC 2021 Christian Religious Studies CRS Objective Essay Question And Answer Objective OBJ answers 1-10: CBBBDACCDC11-20: ADADCBCDCC 21-30: A – – B- – ACAB 31-40: CDCCDDBBBB41-50: BACCDCBDCD Theory answers (2a)After the prayer of Moses to God to appoint a leader to replace him so that a lsrael would not be without a leader. God instructed him to Joshua the son of Nun,a man with the spirit of God and lay his hand upon him. He told Moses to make him stand before Eleazer, the priest and the entire congregation. He should be commissioned before the people and this would make the people to obey hi…

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